An on-demand and dedicated in-house talent team from Circular

We help talent leaders succeed by providing experienced tech in-house recruiters who are dedicated to your business via a monthly subscription model. A flexible and efficient way to scale your tech team.

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Why choose Embedded Circular

A dedicated tech talent acquisition team of experienced in-house recruiters from the Circular community

Flat monthly fee. Flexible and without any surprises

The know-how from the best tech recruiters in Europe at your disposal: benefit from the latest community insights

Improve your Candidate Experience. Unlike other recruitment services, we put the focus on your employer branding

Our Service


  • We can take as much of the process as you want: from sourcing to end-to-end
  • Support with other projects: training of interviewers, designing compensation structures or tech assessments, etc


  • Transparent data to build mutual trust
  • KPIs Dashboard to assure real time communication between all parties
  • Quarterly report: making our impact long-lasting: Diversity, Candidate Experience deep dive, salary and hiring funnel benchmark

Cand. Exp. focused

We will improve your employer branding via an excellent candidate experience:

  • SLAs: respectful outreach, swift answers, feedback
  • Candidates NPS to detect pain points
  • Recommended initiatives
  • Invitations to Circular

Backed by Circular

Unlike any other provider, we will leverage:

  • The largest pool of recommended candidates
  • An internal sourcing team of three
  • High-reputation members of the community as  embedded recruiters
Let's talk

How do we start?

  • 1. Understand

    - The project: what is our value proposition to candidates.
    - Ideal Candidate Profile:
    what are we looking for.
    - The Culture: how can we convey it throughout the process.

  • 2. Build the interview process

    Our focus to build and grow talent pipelines:
    - Referrals and reference checks
    - Culture focus on 1st screening interviews
    - Candidate Experience

  • 3. Infrastructure alignment

    - ATS integration with Circular
    - Data dashboards